26. April 2018

The time flies like a bird. It has been in 1987, as Martin Pott, at that time a member of the sales force of a manufacturer of hand saws, took his decision to found an own company – and to manufacture the worlds best power tool accessory saw blades in the world. Born in Remscheid, the cradle of the German tooling industry, his life brought him to Trier; exactly it was Remscheid, a small village at the Mosel river, close to the German border. In 1996 the factory of MPS Sägen has been established, since that time many good saw blades left this place to be used by professional worker and industries.

All over the time the focus has ben put on the production line – from the start the factory has been equipped with very modern machines, used only highest quality raw materials, and hired highly skilled and qualified workers. Innovative and patented production technologies are the basement for a high acceptance and appreciation from the end user and power tool manufacturer, who enjoys to use the solutions from MPS.

Within 30 years a company was grown, which is supplying its products all over the world – to customer, who ask for it. Besides the usual quality, it is the innovative items that MPS regularly brings into the market, developed and designed on feedback we receive from the end-user.

Today we would like to thank all our partners for the successful cooperation within the past years, and we are looking for a great mutual future, full of new and interesting saw blades from MPS!

Thank you!

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