Company Presentation

This brief video gives you an interesting glimpse behind the scenes at MPS, showing how we produce and ensure the high quality of our saw blades. 


With alternating tooth pitches of 2.2 and 3.2 mm, these blades couple enormous speed with an outstandingly precise cut.




Additional information on our portfolio, as well as product specifications and many practical tips, are available in our product catalogue, which you can download here.



Jigsaw Blades

We make high-quality saw blades with an extremely long service life. Our portfolio includes a large number of blades for different materials and uses.


Reciprocating Saws

Reciprocating saws are excellently suited for quick, rough cuts. You’ll find our range of blades for various uses and materials here.

Circular Saw Blades

Blades for hand and table circular saws, with coarse, medium or fine teeth, for DIY or industrial uses – you can always count on us to offer you high-quality blades at attractive prices.